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Monday, June 8, 2020

2020 Candidates for Attorney General: Sean Reyes

Sean Reyes:
Sean Reyes is the current Attorney General.  He held telephone townhalls, which are harder for getting questions in (IMO) and you can't see the candidate's reactions to questions.

Dad was a big supporter of Pres. Trump.  Can't thank the delegates enough for support of Pres. Trump.  Co-chair with Sen. Mike Lee.  Need Trump now more than ever.  He built the greatest economy in the history of the world, and then COVID happened and we need him to rebuild that economy.  Impeachment circus and now thrust into the COVID crisis. 

Half of his 6 years as AG has been under the Obama Admin, 3 years suing Pres. Obama and Joe Biden and winning in court.  It would be so much better to have Trump in for a second term.  

Beyond all the allegations and things that were going on (Swallow as AG), but the AG office wasn't structured to succeed. Tech: generally have great public servants in the AG's office.  The problem was a lack of leadership.  The investigators, as good as they were, didn't have the tools to succeed.  Didn't have any document database system to manage documents properly.  Didn't have a case management system: AG's office is the flagship legal office for the state.  No performance evaluations.  Relieved every leader in the office, and made them reapply for their jobs and reinterview again.  Within a year, the job satisfaction rate for those we represent had gone from abysmal to very positive.  Faced with 3 supreme court cases: 1. marriage, 2. immigration, 3. polygamy  Also, ran for re-elected in 2014 (2 year term), and then won in 2016.  When I was traveling up and down the state, people thank me for restoring honor to the office, but mostly thanking me for protecting their kids and their families (children, seniors, small businesses).  Every day Utah families need protection.  

CJC (Children's Justice Court): 2018 has 4000% increase from 2017 statewide. Use tech and old fashioned law enforcement to rescue children from trafficking, etc.  Drug crimes and cyber crimes are serious in Utah.  Helped lead out in Utah and nationally to combat fraud and Identity theft (esp of children), hacking and entities that violate privacy rights.  Frank Abagnale (Catch Me If You Can...FBI consultant) have been up and down the state to educate people to better protect against cyber criminals.  Frank said he's never worked with a better AG in his 40 years.  Been willing to invest the time into tracking down these perpetrators.  Sued googled for violating privacy rights.  Worked with other tech companies when they've done things to protect our companies, I give them credit.  Law enforcement shouldn't be given a free pass on citizen information.  There have to be safeguards.  Installed protocols to protect people against abusive government power and being more transparent to the people. AG's office: virtual simulation that teaches de-escalation of violence.  Rapid DNA system: 48 hours we have a system that is as accurate by some measures--murder suspect admitted to the crime right away, because of that technology he wasn't ever let go.  3. Live time Artificial Intelligence that allows us to find kids more rapidly after an abduction.  AG's office doesn't believe that County Attorneys should be reporting to the AG's office.  But Sheriff's shouldn't be reporting to any other state agency.  We honor and respect their jurisdiction.  We need to push back against the state when it tries to impose on the locals and when the state oversteps its boundaries.  We need to have a partnership with the counties, but not overstepping.  Economic Crimes Task Force: Helped create in UT, first of its kind, to go after white collar crimes and frauds, retail theft.  Rec'd an award from the UT Sheriffs Association.  Some of the most moving experiences have been with law enforcement officers' families.  Worked with the fraternal order of police.  Get more mental/behavioral resources for our front line officers.  2A rights have come under fire under Obama, but thankfully Pres Trump has worked with us to shore up 2nd Amendment rights.  

Pro-life, religious liberties, public lands.

Emery County: What else will you do for our county?  Caucus/Convention: 1st Lincoln Day dinner was in Emery County.  Ardent supporter of the caucus/convention system.  Critical: if it wasn't for the convention system, we wouldn't have those opportunities.  Support for Rural counties. Filing a brief in support of sanctity of life: some cases going on in some of our sister states, where they've chosen to restrict abortions during COVID.  If you're going to disallow many other medical procedures, then abortion should be included.  they've been challenged and they've asked for help, and so we are doing that.  Friend-of-the-court briefs.  

Religious liberties: Pres Trump has done more on a federal level to help us expand our religious liberties than probably any other president, maybe even than Ronald Reagan.  Many don't involve Utah as a plaintiff or defendant, but they impact us.  Will continue to fight for religious liberty.  Many address Free Exercise clause: allow religious entities or closely held private companies to resist federal contraception mandates.  Defending Catholic social services from adoption services and foster care services.  Cases that permit church sponsored schools to select their own teachers.  Support prayer in schools and religious monuments.  

Massage parlors and rampant prostitution in Utah: Operation Railroad Underground.  Expanded the number of victim advocates and the number of child victim programs: we have a task force (trafficking) in Utah with a grant from the DOJ, almost half of that money would be dedicated to victims, services, and resources.  Rescuing victims is only part of the equation; the real heavy lifting comes after that.  Many people return back because they don't have job skills, etc and they get re-exploited.  I also command the Utah Secure Strike Force in partnership with police chiefs, etc to go after human trafficking wherever it exists.  In 2014 took down a narco trafficker terrorizing our children, esp young boys.  Last month, arrested and got a conviction against 2 men trafficking teens in the Ogden area.  An official in AZ was taken down because he brought women in from the Marshall Islands to have their babies in Utah and sell them.  OUR: doing this on his own time and own dime.  Life altering to rescue boys and girls and give credit to Tim Ballard etc.  How are we doing?  Pres. Trump has invited Sean to the White House to teach other states.  Utah used to be rated an 'F' on protecting victims, now it's an 'A'.  largest massage parlor sting in the west. Almost eradicated the Asian-Chinese trafficking, etc.

White collar and fraud issue: Reason I'm running again, I want to capitalize what we've delivered, but we have many more to do.  1. Want to attack opioids, create a state task force and the hundreds of different initiatives, including suing opioid manufacturers, eliminate shame and judgement, mental/behavioral challenges, suicide: want to get a 911 for mental health, that number is going to come. SafeUT app: secret sauce: this is even better because it is helping them because they don't want people to know they're hurting. After SafeUT (free), for the first time in the teen demographic, they've gone down. 2, Not all criminal justice reform (George Soros), but try to make sure good criminal justice is there.  UT is like the worst place for fraud; Utahns are very trusting.  Need trust but verify. Defended against Waters of the US. Bears Ears, etc.

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