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Monday, June 8, 2020

2020 Candidates for Governor: Spencer Cox

Here are my notes from my interviews with the Candidates for Governor of Utah: 2020.

Spencer Cox:
Spencer Cox is the current Lieutenant Governor. I received no outreach, as a delegate, from the Cox campaign. I emailed them and was told that due to being in charge of the COVID-10 task force, LG Cox would not be campaigning but his running mate, Senator Deirdre Henderson would reach out.  The Cox campaign did have townhalls the week of the State Convention, but I did not receive word of it, sadly. 

I was able to reach out to Sen. Henderson who graciously answered my questions.  She said that she and Spencer were more conservative than our current governor, Gary Herbert.  She voted for the veto override of the Special Needs Scholarship that Governor Herbert had vetoed after this year's legislative session.  She said that LG Cox is a unifier and not a divider.  I asked about his relationship with President Donald Trump, and she said that it's important to remember that LG Cox's tweets came prior to him winning the election.  Since then, they have had a good relationship and the White House contacts them on a very regular basis, especially during this COVID-19 situation. They are pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment.  LG Cox, she said, has experience at almost every level of government (except school board, I might note ;-) ).  As a side note (since I ask hard questions), I asked about the Ultrasound bill "kerfuffle".  I put it here, just because I think it's important to hear all sides of the story, and not just the one the press puts out.  She was opposed to the bill because she saw it as opening a door to government that shouldn't exist.  She felt that if that legislation passed, then we would be removing patient and parental rights to determine what kind of medical care they though was appropriate.  Ultrasounds are already performed for every pregnancy. She said that most legislators were not aware that such a thing as transvaginal ultrasounds existed.  So, she amended the bill to prohibit using transvaginal ultrasounds because they are so invasive.  However, it is considered to be "bad form" to amend a bill and then vote against it.  So, she felt it best to walk out of the chamber during the vote, for that reason.  The other female senators saw her and followed her out; it was unplanned and a spur of the moment thing. 

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